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Branding Services



Product Photography


Product photo session on solid background.

5 edited photographs 

175 EUR

35 EUR / 1 photo



Product Photography


Lifestyle product photo session focused only on your product.

5 edited photographs 

200 EUR

40 EUR / 1 photo



Product Photography


Lifestyle product photo session with professional model.

5 edited photographs 

250 EUR

50 EUR / 1 photo



Tell us what you want to shoot.

Before the photoshoot we’ll discuss your requirements and create a mood board. We’ll cover all the details so that we know exactly what kind of product shots you’re after and you can be confident you’ll get the results you want.

How it works


Ship or Drop off your products.

We’ll help source the relevant props and backgrounds, then all you have to do is simply package up your products and send them to our studio ready to be photographed. Parcels can be sent via Royal Mail or a courier of your choice.


Photoshoot time.

Photography, styling and editing are all included so you can sit back and relax. Once the photos are ready you’ll receive them via Dropbox (or Wetransfer), and we’ll arrange posting your products back to your place.

You ship – I shoot



Since 2019, I’ve offered a remote product photography service to accommodate the needs of independent artists and makers.

Instead of travelling to attend a photo shoot, simply send me your products. I will create the product shots you need while you carry on running your business - saving you time and money. The remote product photography service is convenient, flexible and means we’re not limited by distance - I’ve created images for clients all over the world from our studio in Czech Republic. You can trust us to take the very best care with your products and I’ll return them to you safely and securely after the shoot.
Wellness Products

Personal branding & Photography

Why photography is so important when it comes to personal branding?


Since our brain processes images much faster than text, we can assume that photography is your most powerful tool when it comes to branding. These days visual content is a key element in your branding strategy.


Personal branding establishes who you are, what you offer, and who is your customer. It is the content which you share with others and with this content you are building trust with potential customers. Good personal branding will help you sell your product/service. Thankfully thanks to social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok it is easier today to promote your work. But because it is easier, it also brings with it the pressure to deliver a consistent, visually compelling, brand story. The important word there is the story. The most common questions that our potential clients will ask are: Why and the how? Who are you? Why I should buy from you?


To create perfect personal branding with photography, we need to understand that every person is unique, and that particular person is the heart of the business. It is very important to highlight individual values, personality, and vision. As visual artists, we need to understand that the story of the brand needs to communicate through photography.



What is personal branding photography?


It is the creation of a gallery of selected branding images that tell the story of you and your brand. These pictures should be carefully styled and crafted to show the product or service that you offer, but also show the heart of the business - the people behind the brand. The gallery should be designed with images that are inspiring but also authentic.


From the photographer's view, a photo session for personal branding is a very interesting thing to organize because a personal branding photography session needs to consider many things like location, styling, mood board, story, etc and should be planned carefully to get the most out of it. I am here for you to help collaborate and make a plan to bring your brand to life visually. 


Let's create value, build trust, and increase your brand impact together!