TeePee Wedding Editorial

Where the idea came from?

I believe the first idea of the project came to me when I saw beautifully decorated teepee. It was for the first time when I saw design like this, and I loved it! It caught my eye because, in the past, I saw only the usual teepees without any flowers/decorations.

If you are into the wedding thing, you will probably know that In 2019, most of the wedding ceremonials are going to be outside. People are trying to avoid the old ways and looking for something new and trendy (like barns, old mills etc.). And here is my key question: Have you ever seen an outdoor wedding on the ranch with unusual and beautiful teepee? I haven't, to be honest, and I fell in love with the idea of the whole wedding concept.

Believe me or not, the same day I was informed about the possibility of a photo session with a white horse. Isn't that a perfect match for an outdoor wedding with teepee? Just imagine it - gorgeous couple, lovely teepee and a beautiful white horse. I shared the idea with the owner and guess what... she said YES let's do it!

How the project started?

I was so fascinated with this idea and possibilities, so I shared everything to my team - Just Us Creators. They liked the whole concept of the project and agreed to make this happen as soon as possible. From the beginning, we knew that there would be a lot of struggles to make this wedding editorial happen. Although there was a lot of reasons why not to do it - we weren't afraid and started to work on it right away. We decided that our big day (project day) will happen in 2 weeks.

We worked very hard during planning the whole concept and checking our technical possibilities. My team had a lot of ideas related to scenery, construction of the teepee and decorations. We did a lot of research related to drone scenes and filmmaking techniques. We even went to a ranch to visit the horse and prepared him to be familiar with drone noises. Everything went okay, without bigger problems. In fact, we can consider our ranch visit as very successful, because thanks to this visit, we also agreed that the ranch will be our shooting location.

At one moment, we realized that with all possibilities what we have, this project is going to be massive, and we will not cover everything in time (if we're going to do it in 2 weeks). Therefore we started to look for other partners who would help us with necessary things like a wedding dress, flowers (a lot of them), decorations, groom clothes and accessories etc.

What was the process of organising this wedding editorial?

After a discussion with my team, I shared my thoughts with favourite make-up artist, and she loved the idea! When I saw how fascinated she was, I offered her to work with me on that project - and she agreed. At that moment we had confirmed photographer, videomaker, baker, visage and horse. Our next step was to find brands which are focused on wedding clothes. We reached out Avantgard (grooms clothes) with whom we cooperated on our latest wedding project. Make-up artist Ivoon suggested Angel Style salon for perfect bride dress. Happily, both of the brands agreed to work with us! We decided to cooperate with Sayes Agency which provides wedding decorations. For help with flower decor, we asked brand Filip's Bouquets with whom we collaborated

already several times (and we were always satisfied with his work). Once we had confirmed all brands and artists, I started to look for a perfect couple. It was an easy task because I already had the type of the bride in my mind and I exactly knew whom I should contact for this modelling role. Happily, Monika agreed with the modelling part, and she proposed her boyfriend as a model (which was an excellent choice for us, because we knew that they would show real love, not the fake one)

We started preparations two weeks ahead on the date of the final day = project day. I must say that each person who worked on preparations was very creative and full of own ideas. Each designer created the best output of their art and brands prepared the best available products. With teamwork like this, we created a beautiful wedding editorial which started just from an idea and vision in my mind.

Why we make this project happen?

Every person who was participating in this project, bring to this project piece of his own art and own creative view on how the "perfect" wedding should look like. When you are looking at my pictures, you see beautiful scenery and behind that scenery, there is a lot of talented people work. Thanks to great teamwork, we are able to show people new possibilities and ideas for their big day.

Additionally, I would like to open your eyes and push you not to be afraid of your visions or thoughts. There is nothing like the wrong idea; there is just a person behind the idea who is deciding what to do about it.

Who was participating in the project?

Project owner: Just Us Creators

Pictures: Martyna Nysk

Video: Lukas Pernicky

Drone: Tomáš Forman