Saving animals through photography

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Have you ever thought about saving animals life?

If I would tell you that I saved the dog's life, by taking a picture of him..

Would you believe me that?

We live in the social media era, where photography became part of our lives. Every day we are taking photos and sharing them with people all over the world. There are many goals behind why we are following this trend, although for every person that reason is different.

Why are we sharing photos?

Through sharing pictures online, some people expect critique and opinions, another want to demonstrate their skills, and others want to follow up the trends and share content which will satisfy their audience of followers.

Thanks to this trend, people have developed the need for sharing random content with their online audience. Every day we are trying to create exciting compositions, come up with new ideas, reach a different audience of people - get followers. Day by day we can observe new ways of the creative style of capturing pictures or new techniques for post process. Thanks to social media we can quickly learn from blogs, online tutorials, youtube and many more. All these things we transferred into the daily process - learn, practice, publish and expect feedback. We started to repeat this process, without even thinking about the impact of our posts.

Have you ever consider, how big and a different value could have one image for the various audience of people?

One picture of an abandoned dog can create mixed feelings for each person. For some people, the specific photo doesn't have to be worth even simple "like," however for another same picture can melt their hearts and create a feeling of sadness and desire to help the animal on this particular photo.

What is the easiest way to show off the personality of animal?Of course with a fantastic portrait!

From my own experience, I can say that it is true - one photograph can save an animal's life, as well as help build a new trend focused on publishing and sharing pictures of abandoned pets.

Me and currently adopted puppy on MotoGP event.

Can volunteering help start your photographer career?

Yes, definitely!

By contributing as a volunteer in your free time, you are showing people that you are doing something that has value for you. At the same time, you are learning new things and improving your skills. Volunteering is not a chargeable activity, but you might be surprised when something comes back your way in the future.

Always be professional!

Even if volunteering is for free, treat the whole photoshoot as a paid job. Make sure that you have communicated the demands of those you are providing your work. Always try to make them satisfied with your results. The good idea is to ask them before photo shooting how they will be using pictures, so you have an idea what they want and need. Once you have info about your client expectations, your job will be easier for you - cooperate with demands and use your creativity!

Provide only best results!

Remember, your reputation is essential, especially when you are interested in photo shooting of particular area - for example dog photography. I am convinced, that If you provide the best results, you will be "hired" again (and more important ... recommended to your new potential clients!).

How you can help as volunteer?

If you are a photographer (doesn't matter if beginner or professional), you can invest your time in helping animals by photographing them. Photos can grow an audience of dog shelters page, as well as the interest of targeted people in a photographed animal. From my point of view, the most exciting way how to show emotions is through portraits. This kind of pictures touches people hearts.

The best thing about giving your service for free is an observation of the results. For me, the most satisfying feeling is when someone adopts or visits a dog in the shelter based on my photographs. It’s a fantastic feeling to see that your volunteering bore fruit.

Thanks to volunteering you will grow as a photographer and your audience of clients as well!

What about sharing?

If you don't have too much free time, but you would like to help - you can share dog shelter pictures and help them reach more people on social media. Sharing posts can have a huge impact, an audience of people will grow, as well as potential new homes for abandoned animals.

More followers = More chances for adoption

Are you okay with a donation of money?

As usually, animal shelters survive from donated money - that's why each of them would be grateful for a donation of some amount of money. Sponsoring is one of the most popular volunteering for pets in need.

If you don't have a large amount of money, you can always help find sponsors. You can try to orchestrate the collection of funds in your school, work or city.

Not only money will satisfy these organisations! Also, pet supplies like food, bowls, toys, pet houses, etc. will help them make abandoned animals happier.

Have you ever been in the event focused on dog shelter?

Animal shelters (or their partners) usually create events focused on helping animals in need. If the event is in your location area and you have free time - offer your help!

You don't have to support only by photographing the whole event and promoting them on the internet. As well you can help with the transport of animals, or offer additional care during the event. If you are skilled in graphic design, you can create posters, social media banners, visit cards, etc.

There are many ways how to help! Only thing what you have to do is to contact animal shelter or sponsor and offer your help!