Procrastination - not only in photography

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Do you also have those days, when you have a lot of work - but you are totally not in the mood to do anything?

Don't worry.

All of us have these days when we are pushing our responsibilities away.

I realized that a lot of people are ashamed when they are accused of procrastination, or don't feel comfortable when they have to speak about procrastinating.

Procrastination is terrifying us, but do we know why?

First of all, we should realize that procrastination is not about the fault of not performing our responsibilities, but more about I am willing x I am unwilling.

Just ask yourself:

Am I willing to go outside and make cool pictures?

Am I willing to edit these pictures right now?

The biggest mistake what we can do is to view ourselves as lazy or unmotivated people. In reality, we are just unwilling - we don't want to do this activity at this moment. In this kind of situations, you are telling yourself that you can do it later...With self-talk like this, you are pushing yourself to put these things off or even worse avoid them entirely.

How to fight with procrastination?

"Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great" - Niccolo Machiavelli

Procrastination isn’t necessarily bad. In fact, procrastinating can help you re-inspire yourself with new creative ideas and also help you take a break to calm down your brain and charge up required energy.

Sometimes we tent to push away our work because we think it could be done better once will get more experience. As creatives, we are the biggest critics of our work. Even when others are telling us that our work is fantastic, we are sitting in front of our machines and pinpointing everything that we did wrong. Believe me, on each of my photos, I can find some mistake like white balance, focusing, compositions etc. I know that I could do it better. I think every passionate photographer is acting exactly the same. The ironic truth about us, excited photographers is that we can easily fall in love with our images, and even easier fall out of love with them once we start the editing process.

The important thing to remember is that no matter what, we will always have more things to do than we can possibly perform.

We should ask ourselves if our procrastination is good for us, or not.

Are we procrastinating well?

Are we unwilling to do some activity because of some reason?

The easiest way how to fight with procrastination is to do something creative! Do something that will charge up your energy and give you reasons to work during the nights.

Do something that you didn't do before!

Do what they told you, that you can't do!

Do what you want to do!

Never listen to people around you, because they are not you, they don't know about your dreams, they are not in love with the same things as you are. Some people love their simple and already established lives - like going to corporate work every day, going to the gym every day at 5 pm, watching some TV show every day at 8 pm etc.

If you are a person like this - it is fully okay, because it is your life.

If you are not .. just ask yourself every morning - If this would be my last day on earth, am I happy with my life achievements? Am I happy with my life?

You want to do portrait shoots, but they told you that you can't work with people? Do not listen - do it, fail, do it again, succeed.

You want to go outside and create beautiful landscapes, but they told you that you don't have an eye for photography? Do not listen - do it, fail, do it again, succeed.

You want to be a professional dog photographer, but they told you that you don't have the patience to work with animals? Do not listen - do it, fail, do it again, succeed.

Do not forget that all great and successful photographers, filmmakers, content creators, influencers were in the same position as you are today.

They work on themselves and make it happen. They tired, failed, learned from mistakes, tried again and succeed.

Nobody will give you what you want, only YOU can make your dreams happen.

- Martyna <3