Best 20 Fantasy Photography examples for inspiration

Standard photography sessions can be a lot of fun. But why not try something more creative and out of the box? With fantasy photography, we can take out images to the next level. Breaking out of our norm brings us magical and unique photographs that can touch your heart and mind.

Fantasy Portrait

Fantasy Portraits are a fun, innovative, and generally unusual photography niche. With a skilled and experienced photographer, everything is possible. Personally, I enjoy preparations, setting up, shooting, and editing a fantasy photo session, and so do my clients! But it's not as easy as a lot of people might think. You might not be aware of that, but many preparations are required to maximize the success of beautiful fantasy portraits! In fantasy photography, we use various techniques to create an illusion to trick the viewer's eyes and mind. We can achieve magical effects using different lighting techniques, props, costumes, etc. Also, the photographer's photo manipulation skills are essential for fairytale images.

Fantasy photography combines photography and photo manipulation using software like Adobe Photoshop. Dreamlike photos show the photographer's creativity, bringing fantasies alive through fairytale art.

If you are looking for some fantasy photography inspo, this post will give you some great tips! Here are 20 Fantasy photography examples for your inspiration.

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