10 Photography Tips for Beginners

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Nobody was born as a professional photographer, everyone started at the same point as you right now. The reason why famous photographers are described as professionals is simple - they continuously learn and practice until they become known as the best.

  1. Don't buy the expensive camera

  2. Use manual and live view 

  3. Photograph in RAW

  4. Do not rush yourself

  5. Continuously learn new things 

  6. Never stop to be inspired

  7. Shoot all the time

  8. Work on your blind-spots

  9. Learn Adobe Lightroom basics

  10. Never forget to have fun

Don't buy the expensive camera

A lot of people think that if you will have the most expensive camera, your pictures will be better. That's bullshit.

You don't need the best camera on the market to create beautiful pictures. If you want to create an awesome picture, first you need to understand your camera. Then you need to practice with your equipment.

When I was starting with photography, I was learning how to create pictures on some very old family camera. The first pictures were horrible, as I didn't know how to properly set the settings. However, I didn't give up and I googled how to make sharp pictures and then I just practice. I never forget my smile and self-satisfaction when I shot my first focused, sharp portrait. Hard work pays off.

Anyway, if you think that you need to have the best camera on the market, you can always buy used one for a good price.

Use manual and live view settings from the beginning

In my opinion, usage of manual mode and live view from the beginning is the best way how to get to know your camera very well.

A good tip is to play with the live view during the shooting, you will see all changes on the display and it will be easier for you to find the perfect setup for your scene.

Photograph in RAW

Your camera is able to create pictures in JPG and RAW. Always choose RAW, or both of them if it's possible. Believe me, once you will start to edit your pictures in any kind of program ... The RAW format will change your life.

With RAW you have total control of your picture. You can easily change exposure, shadows, colors .. everything. With JPG it is not so easy without damaging the image. In my opinion, JPG format is good for the preview of the pictures because the size of the file is much smaller than RAW. But I would never recommend editing JPG files.

Do not rush yourself

Everything demands time. You can't be a professional photographer in one day. It is just not working like this.

Remember that photography is not some kind of competition. Every person should develop his own skills in an individual way. Do not compare yourself with others, because you are not like others ...

Continuously learn new things

If you stop learning new things, you will never get better at what you are doing. If you want to be a better photographer, you need to work on your skills - daily.

Don't do the most terrible mistake which is thinking that you know everything - this will kill your career. Believe me, I saw it so many times...

Always look for something that will help you grow your skills. You can try to read books, watch tutorials, vlogs .. there is a lot of methods on how to improve your skills, you just need to find the technique which is the most comfortable for you.

Never stop to be inspired

Maybe it's not so visible, but inspiration is very important in photography. If you are inspired by something, you are more productive.

Inspire yourself with other photographers, stories, documents, and nature. Try to take pictures in a different way. Try something new.